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Our Company

Is Bigger Better ?

Our Philosophy

The big firms have carefully fostered the legend:

“That bigger is better”

A big firm has more offices, more recruiters, more coverage. A lot
of  clients  have decided  that  this  is  an  expensive myth with the
exception of some international assignments, there is little argument
for all the multinational offices, and there is very little synergy even
among a big firm’s national offices.”

Factors which make the case for using a smaller search firm.

Modern information technology and the Internet now allows any
technically sophisticated search firm to retrieve data from public and
proprietary databases with the same, if not better, degree of success
as the big firms. Search firms hemmed in by large inflexible systems
have no advantage over the electronically nimble, whose data often
is better and more relevant.

Fostering relationships over an extended period of time with a
client is counter to the strategy of most large firms, where the
emphasis is on generating revenue. The best smaller search firms
can and do take the time to get to know the client company
thoroughly and develop a “vendor mentality” where customer service
is paramount. Smaller firms work with fewer clients and tend to value
those clients and the relationships which develop with key personnel.

Quality of the professional staffs at smaller firms is comparable to
that found in the big firms. Many consultants in quality smaller firms
come from the large firms where they were often the better

Blockage is a major problem clients face in dealing with a big firm.
When a client is looking for a senior, specialized executive, the
universe can become very narrow, very quickly. If a search firm is
blocked from accessing even a few targeted executives because a
company is a client of another of the firm’s recruiters, it cannot
deliver the best executives to the client. Size is irrelevant.”

Our team spent years as a top recruiters at some of the largest executive
search firms in the world , we know first hand about the problems of
“blockage”. We started Miller Ag to begin offering independent recruiting
services for our clients to avoid these situations. The team at Miller Ag still
maintains relations with various affiliates around the world, we
regularly work on contract assignments with them when called upon
to perform a specialized search.