Global Ag Chemical and Biotech Regulatory Professionals?

We are looking to fill these positions related to Agricultural Chemicals and Ag Biotech

Regulatory Affairs Managers  3 to 20+  years depending on which role.

Regulatory/Registrations Managers 5 to 15 years Ag Chemicals or Ag Biotech.

Regulatory Affairs / Government Affairs 10 +years in similar role.

Regulatory Scientists with Eco Tox, EFate or Mammalian Tox studies , we have needs for Sr, Mid and Jr level positions.

Positions are ranging from 90K to 200k+ total comp, full corporate benefits packages and stability.

If you are a professional in these areas, we should get to know you and you should know us.

Want to quietly test the market without exposing yourself for no reason? We quietly move Top Ag Professionals in many disciplines and career levels. Miller Ag does low volume and high quality placements that last! Our candidates we place are in their current firms  for years and most have only worked for 1 company in their career and are interested in a change or need to relocate or maybe just want to be informed of options.

If you haven’t sent us a resume, you should. All 100% in confidence.

Contact us for a review of your current situation…..

Darin Miller



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