Sr. Metabolism E-Fate Chemist Ag Chem/Crop Protection

Sr. Metabolism E-Fate Chemist Ag Chem/Crop Protection 

Purpose: To provide leadership and functional capability  in determining the mechanisms, route and rates of substance degradation, and the potential risks these pose to humans or the environment



  • Act as internal expert and consultant on degradation pathways of agricultural products from historical data and new and on-going studies.
  • Act as internal expert and consultant to business groups on chemistry and regulatory impacts of degradation products of agricultural products.
  • Work with external contract laboratories and internally experts to ensure high-quality science.
  • Develop study designs, prepare protocols, and oversee the conduct of studies to determine the fate of test compounds in soil, water, plants, or animals.
  • Establish procedures and methodologies for the isolation and identification of study test compounds.
  • Prepare reports and recommend actions based on knowledge of experimental work.
  • Demonstrated ability to integrate data and to create a greater understanding of the compounds degradation profile in various audiences, through oral and written works.
  • Ensure all laboratory operations and recordkeeping are of high quality and in compliance with the GLP standards or other applicable regulations.
  • Generate reports on a timely basis to meet study goals and/or product registration needs.
  • Ensure laboratory operations are performed in accordance with safety standards and display personal commitment to safety.


Required Education:
PhD in appropriate chemical or biochemical discipline or equivalent level of knowledge via extensive experience.  Several years of experience in the isolation and identification of test compounds from biological systems using radio-chemical techniques is highly desirable. 


  • 10-15years leadership experience in pesticide metabolism, environmental fate, and/or residue labs
  • Expertise in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, or natural products chemistry as demonstrated through publications, patents and leadership in industry associations
  • Experience in identification of unknown degradation products (metabolism chemistry) as demonstrated through publications, patents and leadership in industry associations
  • Sound knowledge of chromatographic (HPLC, TLC, GC) and radiotracer techniques
  • Environmental laboratory experience in HPLC-MS/MS, GC/MS, ICP, NMR
  • Ability to interpret NMR and MS structural data.
  • Familiarity with the US EPA methods for the preparation and analysis of environmental samples.
  • Familiar with regulatory guidelines and requirements (EPA, EU, GLP, etc.)
  • Clear verbal and written communication skills with demonstrated experience in capability to be persuasive in arguments based on science with an understanding of politics and regulatory savvy
  • Strong working knowledge of computers.
  • Conversant about agriculture, agricultural products, and agricultural practices.
  • Ability to work independently and interdependently as appropriate.

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